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Invite contributors
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Use "Invite contributors" to invite other members to edit a content. It is particularly useful when you are working on a draft that is not yet ready to be published and you want to collectively work on it without having other people reacting to it yet.

It is a great alternative to commenting or mentioning somebody's name as this might create unnecessary notifications for other members.

What happens when you invite contributors?

  • The contributors will receive a notification to inform them that they've been invited to contribute to a content.

  • Their name will be mentioned at the top of the story next to the initial contributor.


  • You can only invite to contribute people who are members of the space and who have at least contributor rights.

  • Find out more about co-editing here.

How to invite contributors?

There are two access points to this feature:

  1. You can add contributors in the story edit view


2. Clicking on the Share button will open a dialog allowing you to add contributors

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