Duplicate Content
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Still in the optic of re-using the knowledge shared among your organisation, the platform allows to duplicate a Story.

What happens when you duplicate a story

  1. A copy of the story will be made in the selected space.

  2. All the specific information related to this story will be also copied including tags. Indeed, the initial tags will be kept on the content but the user will also have the possibility to add new tags.

  3. Then, once duplicated, it will generate a notification in the activity log stating where the story has been duplicated. This log will only be visible to members of the new space.

📝 Notes

To be noted, duplicating a Story will create a completely new comment thread, new likes and new content statistics.

How to duplicate a story

  1. Use the dedicated feature of the Duplicate available under the three dots at the top of the Story.

  2. Just like the Reshare, you have to choose a space where to share it. By default, the current space will be pre-selected but you can always select another space if needed.


📝 Notes

Duplicating a Story allows you to have a totally independent content from the original Story. This means when the original Story gets edited, changes are not reflected to the duplicated stories.

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