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What Does Elium Do?
What Does Elium Do?
Updated over a week ago

Elium is a web and mobile solution that allows for easy and efficient social knowledge sharing. The added value of the platform is apparent in every step of the sharing process.

Make the most of Elium

The platform allows authenticated users to share & consume knowledge to help them professionally. This is done in a secure manner while supporting different formats.

This information can either be:

  • Sourced from a third-party application, such as: files (images, documents, videos...); links; cloud files (Google Drive, Sharepoint, OneDrive).

  • Created directly within Elium in a rich format - this is what we call a Story. A Story is a living piece of information which can contain text, files, links, Google Drive files, Dropbox files, etc.

Every type of content is indexed immediately, Elium has a powerful search engine which ensures the fast location of any information.


Any content saved on Elium can be organised using tags. These tags are assembled in coherent groups called categories. These tags help you search for content as well as helping others on Elium access the content you p.

This system ensures the agile and cross-functional organisation of content.

Permission & Visibilities

The administrator(s) define(s):

  • The spaces in which the content is shared.

  • Their visibility and accessibility level.

  • The rights attributed to each profile.

All these settings ensure controlled and secured access to all content.

Alerts can be created by users themselves, on a personal level and/or on an organisational level by the administrator(s). A combination of these two alert types allows for customised dissemination, relevant to everybody's interests and needs.


Every Elium user has a profile, and therefore every action is identifiable. This traceability as such is already a valuable indication of everybody's competences and interests.

Also, you can easily have access to experts across your entire organisation, even across the globe.

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